The VOYS are Back #INTRoVOYS #whereweleftoff

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After three long years, the INTRoVOYS are back with their new album “Where we left off”.

For Paco, JD, JJ, G3 and Jonathan, this is new beginning of a new chapter for the band.

Twelve (12) songs and fifty (50) minutes of the band’s best work to date and there are no dull moments. Everything sounds new again!

And to connect with Paco on Facebook was a dream come true for a “true fan” like me. So, when they announce that their new album will be launching this year I was excited how the new album would sound like.

I can still remember the first time I heard their songs (seems not too long ago) on the radio, I was learning to play guitar back then and my friends where already playing it on their guitar, and I was like I have to learn to play their songs. 

Long story short, I was an INTRoVOYS True Fan and I am glad to have them as guest on my show next week on TUNOG KALYE Wednesday 7-9 PM (Ottawa, Canada) Thursday 8-10 AM (Manila Time).

Their latest single “Let’s Dance” will be on Tinig Pinoy’s playlist.

Welcome back VOYS!!


NOTE: to purchase the cd,  WHERE WE LEFT OFF, go to

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