Conservatives to Eliminate Backlog of Caregiver Applications by end of 2016

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Record number of caregivers entering Canada in 2015

A re-elected Conservative Government will eliminate the backlog of Caregiver applications by the end of 2016, announced the Honorable Jason Kenney today.  As a result, Caregivers will obtain permanent residence and reunite with their families much faster.

“The Conservative government recognizes that caregivers make extremely valuable contributions to Canadian families and Canada’s economy,” said Jason Kenney.  “That is why we are welcoming record numbers of caregivers and we are on track to have applications processed in a matter of a few months, instead of the old Liberal system which resulted in caregivers waiting years for an answer.”

The Harper Conservative government remains on track to admit 60,000 caregivers in 2015 and 2016, the highest admissions for caregivers in Canadian history.

After extensive consultations, the Conservative Government made significant improvements that provides faster, safer and better opportunities for caregivers in Canada.  Under the old program, caregivers were subject to rules that made them vulnerable to abusive work environments and kept them apart from their families for far too long.

The Conservative Government removed the requirement that a caregiver live in the home of their employer, provided additional pathways to permanent residency with better career options, and reunited families faster than ever before. 

Caregivers will receive permanent residence in less than a year, and in many cases within six months, a huge improvement over the previous program that had caregivers wait away from their families for 4-5 years.

Under the improved Caregiver Programs, 90% of all completed Labour Market Impact Assessments applications have been approved.

“Caregivers work selflessly and tirelessly for others while making personal sacrifices” said Kenney. “After first being elected in 2006, our Conservative Government acted quickly to reverse 13 years of Liberal failure on the caregiver program.  Caregivers can continue to count on Conservatives to ensure they receive permanent residence and are reunited with their families quickly, and have a safe work environment.”

Since 2006, the Conservative Government has welcomed more than 271,000 Filipinos to Canada, an increase of 135% compared to the Liberals over the same period of time.

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