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Ebolsa Virus Carriers

EBOLSA  Virus has its origin in the 60’s and 70’s. This Virus was hard to detect since it coats itself to a known Bacteria called “DUMMYS”.  At its peak ,  MACRO (Sc.term) or MARCOS (Fil.term)  has mutated itself into a Couplet Bacteria called Ferdie and Imelda. A vaccine was developed in 86 called “PP” that has a Potent Power that sent the EBOLSA VIRUS all the way to Hawaii. It did find its way back to the Philippines through a Microbial Strains known as Imee and Bong2 and the motherlode Virus Imelda. This Strain is hard to Quarantined.

Other mutation of the EBOLSA Virus is a Bacteria that came out through a Strain called DAP and PDAP. This mutation produced a Hybrid called NAPO- MINUS  better known as NAP-0- LESS. This EBOLSA Virus is transmitted via PORK and can be potent when its on BARRELS. Microbial hybrid mutations where knonwn as JINGOY, REVILLA, ENRILE, REYES i.e.  These Microbial hybrids are now Quarantined.

Another Strain was recently discovered in Nueva Ecija. This Microbial Strain is called PURE -C- MA. There is no known vaccine to counter this since it hides itself into a YELLOWISH Substance.

A Microbial Strain was recently discovered also in Rosario Batangas. This Bacteria is called B9. This is a tricky Bacteria since it Coats itself through a DUMMY Bacteria called A - TIU. It was found out that this Bacteria Strain originated in an Elevator of a Makati Parking Building. A Senator was the CARRIER. Was carrying Contaminated CAKES on a Stainless STEAL Container.

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