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 DJ Michelle Alfeche

 Wednesdays:    7:00AM to 9:00AM (Manila Time)

 Fridays:   6:00AM to 9:00AM (Manila Time)

OPM Love songs fill the whole show in the songs’ original format or by the versions of other song interpreters as requested by katinig (listeners), either through post messages in Tinig Pinoy Radio’s Facebook wall, the OPM request form at www.tinigpinoy.net or via Skype to tinigpinoy.net. Also, upon special requests, self-accompanied by her acoustic guitar, DJ Michelle obliges and performs the requested songs.

During the program, DJ Michelle also interacts with the audience through constant messages posted on TPR’s wall, chatting and discussing varied topics from serious issues of the heart, the arts and the hurt. Well, they also chat about mundane things often times punctured by DJ Michelle’s delicious laughter. It’s not uncommon too that the show goes beyond its schedule because everyone is having so much fun. Do you want to know how much fun there is to the show? Well, check out DJ Michelle.




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