Remember the song “Ako’y Sa Iyo, Ika’y Sa Akin”?

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Mga Katinig, remember the monster hit song “Ako’y Sa Iyo, Ika’y Akin” by the widely popular 90’s band IAXE? This Saturday, June 7th, LIVE AND LOUD is proud to have as their guest Jek Gerald Manuel, IAXE’s lead vocalist, whose voice is distinctively associated with the acoustic hit that made IAXE a memorable act which enriched the 90s OPM scene.

Iaxe, which stands for ‘immaculate God,’ got a recording break in 1993 when RJ Jacinto heard their music and helped them ink a recording contract. The album became a gold hit in 1995 and turned platinum the following year.

Interestingly, “Ako’y Sayo, Ika’y Akin” was the last track recorded for that album and was considered a filler number. The band needed to meet a deadline in hours and they set up the recording of this last song, with only an acoustic guitar because the drums couldn’t fill the room.

“That’s how it came out, an acoustic love song from a rock band. Ironically, the filler song of that album became the hit song and still loved by many until now,” the band shared.

Red-mark your calendar, mga katinig, and share the news to your friends. LISTEN to LIVE and LOUD, 10AM to 1PM Manila Time and enjoy.


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