Hate blog vs Filipinos in Singapore taken down

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Google removed from its Blogger platform a blog that fuels racial tension and discriminatory to Singapore’s Filipino population on Thursday, June 19.

Police are investigating the anonymous “Blood Stained Singapore” blog, which suggested Singaporeans should refuse to be served by Filipinos in restaurants including shoving Filipinos “accidentally” in public places.

A post titled “Filipino infestation in Singapore – 5 point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law” also advised Singaporeans to ignore and not help Filipinos in traffic accidents.

Google confirmed that it removes from its Blogger platform posts that violate the US based company’s policy on hate speech.

The blog had triggered indignation among Filipinos at home and abroad, with some calling for counter-measures against Singaporeans.

Singapore is home or place of work to an estimated 170,000 Filipinos many seen by some Singaporeans as rivals for jobs. Compared to a decade ago when most Filipinos In Singapore worked as domestic helpers, many are now professionals competing for high-paying jobs in the island state.

Out of the 5.4 million population, estimates place at 40% Singapore’s foreign nationals. With a low fertility rate, many businesses and homes rely heavily on guest workers

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