A Hero Walked Among Us

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No love is greater than a man laying his life to save another. Michael C. Lumahang, a Filipino migrant to Canada, made the ultimate expression of love for others as he died trying to save a drowning young boy from the frigid waters of the Ottawa River. Dead at 39, a hero, has passed but will always be remembered for his courage and loving character. 
A memorial page has been created for Michael C. Lumahang where you can send your expression of love and sympathy to his loved ones during their moment of grief for their loss.  Simply click this link:https://www.facebook.com/RIPMICHAELLUMAHANG


On Saturday, August 23, Michael Lumahang died trying to save a 12-year-old boy as he was swept by strong current at the Ottawa River near the Champlain Bridge. 

Michael, and a 24-year-old man, tried to rescue the child from drowning at the frigid waters of Ottawa River. The boy and the 24 year old man managed to get safely ashore but Michael didn’t make it.

He was having picnic with friends on the eastern side of Bate Island when tragedy struck. His mother said Michael liked fishing (below is one of many pictures in Michael’s facebook page showing him while fishing). 

His distraught family hails him as a hero for his courageous act that cost him his own life trying to save somebody in distress.

Michael’s step-father, Michael Tremblay said:  “He gave his life for another life. He was always helpful. He was always there to help anyone.”

Lumahang’s mother,  Lina Conulibang Tremblay and who is personally known to Tinig Pinoy said Michael, who was born in Manila, knew how to swim a little bit but  might have been  exhausted at the time and that the “water was strong.”  The family emigrated from the Philippines to Canada over 20 years ago. 

Michael’s wife, Eva Soque (shown picture above), described her husband as a person who loved children and helping other people. The couple do not have children.


 Note: Please go to http://tinigpinoy.net/a-hero-walked-among-us/ and post your comments and words of sympathy for Michael Lumahang’s family. Compared to our FB wall posts, your comments here will stay for much longer period.



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