Essay - Ghirle Sablada

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Essay of Ghirlie Sablada


Plenty of us who are working as OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS are victims of Yolanda. We experienced what all mourners go through, shock over the loss of their friends and love ones, after a very traumatic tragedy happening in our country Philippines, the strongest typhoon in the world.

This kind of things are those we cannot control and are unexpected. We cannot blame anyone or even our government, Instead we have to unite and work hand and hand to tackle the problem and make a solution for the progress of our country and each individual.

We all know that there are lots of people outside our country who are helping us by means of financial assistance, and we should use it wisely. But the big question is “HOW” ? For me first step to do is to focus on the basic needs of the people like food, building houses, Schools, markets, and all the necessities they need especially to the most affected areas like Tacloban. Isolate the area and rebuild all the things that are washed out.

But most of all we need to take responsibility, understand and reflect on ourselves to relate very well in what the victims are aching for. As Filipinos, the least we can help is to donate goods and promote peace and unity in our country. Being united as one will lead our country to progress in a few years.

But most important of all honor the word of our dear Lord for it is one of the powerful weapons we can use for us to survive. Let us be united countrymen ,”MAG-KAISA TAYO PARA SA PAG UNLAD NG ATING BANSANG SINILANGAN, BANGON PILIPINAS” God bless us all….THANK YOU!….

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