UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL – The First Ever TPR Get Together

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Richmonde Hotel, Ortigas Ave., Pasig City  April 9, 2014.

Imagine if that pretty face on the TPR wall suddenly broke into a smile and greeted you. You’d be delighted for sure!

Yes sir, yes mam, that was the effusive atmosphere last April 9 when Katinigs met each other, for the most part, the first time. It was fun!

The party opened with a dance number by Mich Alfeche, Onad Lacson Casiple and Harold Jafzdanzer featuring the TPR Theme composed by Admin Ronilo Victoriano.

Then a prayer from Kt Zenaida Morales Fernandez and later, a message from Kuya Founder Dan de Castro

Fun and Games

The party featured games for the Katinigs. Always game, Daphne Naingue and Yeyen Tayoto exploded the room during the Balloon-popping riot, which believe it or not, ended up in a draw. So some more of the balloons got damaged before Yeyen finally came away with the prize.

Not to be out-shined, Daphne of course cried out for a consolation prize. She fell silent when we “threatened” to award her with balloons. She probably thought very hard at the prospect of huffing and puffing at the balloons the whole night long.

Then there was the TPR Pinoy Genio game won by Alvin Bansil and Love Ann Magno (yes, she is as pretty as her aunt, Flordeliza Magno)

And a question and answer portion saw some more Katinigs grabbing commemorative mugs as prizes.

Amazing Voices

Rene “Alon” de la Rosa, known for making Pusong-Bato as the alternative National Song, showed that he was actually Pusong-Mamon when it came to TPR, declaring his love and gratitude for TPR and the support he was showered with. Alon and Chier Ann moved the crowd to dancing and waving with their humor and  “wow-brand” of music featuring of course Sorpresa and Pusong Bato.

The latter saw the very game Onad Lacson Casiple leading the Katinigs from dancing at the back of the function room to the front stage enthusiastically and unashamedly (well, that’s why they’re katinigs, right?)





Joey Aclan, dished out several songs including the hot number Bangka aside from confessing his greatest thanks to TPR for the support. He explained how difficult it was for aspiring singers like him to get playtime for their work. He wowed the crowd with several of his songs including the hot number Bangka aside from confessing his great thanks to TPR for the support.

He shared how difficult it was to get into the game like Alon did, but he keeps his hopes up, buoyed by the positive interest from TPR katinig. Well, we would like to finally see an album Joey. Good luck and more power.

Mel and Ron Victoriano (yup, children of Ronilo and Melisssa Victoriano), soothed the crowd somewhat with the playfful rendition of Pangakong Napako (Dan de Castro’s favorite). And with a soulful song with Mel’s angelic voice made “yours truly “ wonder whether this was how MYMP looked like when they were starting out. Ronilo confided later that they did have plans for Ron and Mel next year which is a truly exciting thought.

These bright stars received plaques of appreciation from TPR (as did Dominic Gumamela who, unfortunately, wasn’t able to make it).




When Admin Roselyn Intatano is the first at the buffet tables – you can expect the food to be great, because this lady knows what good food is. It was great.  And the dining was relaxed and enjoyable in the cozy rooms of Richmonde Hotel (translation: we ate a lot!).


And of course, the Amazing Cake from Gina

Guerrero was a major highlight.




Wonderful people, Great company

Dan de Castro always says, “napansin mo ba Ric, ang mga katinig nating mga babae dito sa TPR, ang gaganda di ba?” That observation was highlighted that night with the wonderfully-dressed katinig gracing the event.

The statuesque Carleen Openiano would make any model insecure, Yeyen Tayoto graceful as ever, Flordeliza Magno oozing with appeal, simply elegant Len Laurente, Myra Sosing, Jacklyn Bansil, Zenaida Morales Fernandez, Melissa Victoriano and (of course) Brimz Nunag Bangal among others.

And wouldn’t you know – Gertrudes Billones and Daphne Naingue showed that the kulitest and kikay-est Katinigs can surprise you with their gorgeous looks (but still kulit and full of laughter).

Not to be outdone and out shined of course were Mich Alfeche and Joy Tarrosa who were stunning, as always, but more so that evening.

Jen Tropel Summer, always worth a second look despite trying her best to be unassuming, gamely greeted the katinigs on air.

As a pioneer Katinig, Admin Roselyn Intatano, recounted that TPR started with only 3 DJs. That number is now 13, and TPR is still looking. Roselyn thanked TPR for the experience as Admin and how she has been able to do things she never thought she could do.

Sharing his experience as a newbie, Harold Jafzdancer, is so happy finding friends and finding love – which elicited swoons from the crowd, and a blush and a smile form the lovely Flordeliza Magno.

So thankful

The success of the first-ever Get Together of TPR in the Philippines  would not have happened without the sponsoring katinigs, the organizing team led by Mich ALfeche, that night’s special guests and the attending katinigs themselves. Tinig Pinoy Radio founder Dan de Castro and Executive producer Regina Sosing profusely thank all of them: Flordeliza Magno, Joy Tarrosa, Naldrey Tarroma, Gina Guerrero, Noel Fernandez, Claudy Salas, Noel Fernandez, Welnalyn Intatano Paredes,

Narz Serrano, Jhun Santiago and Marilen Masangkay, Onad Lacson Casiple, Roselyn Intatano, Yeyen Tayoto, Gertrudes Billones, Carleen Openiano, Rene “Alon” de la Rosa, Joey Aclan, Ron and Mel Victoriano, and of course, Michelle Alfeche.


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