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January 1, 2014. I opened my laptop’s browser and went into I smiled giddily at the experience; beautiful Katinigs graced the elegantly smooth and sexy home page. There was a player right in the middle, streaming great music from Tinig Pinoy Radio.

Excitedly, I opened the TPR website on my mobile phone. It looked so good, and it rotates too. Now that is so cool. No more app to download, just dive right in to the site and listen to the shows. Cooool!

Top right corner. Sign up katinig and create your account. You will become part of the mailing list when TPR sends official communications via email. (Now na!) You will receive notification once accepted.

Simple lang po ang mag register mga Katinig:

  1. Click on “Sign up” at the upper right Corner of the page.
  2. A dialogue box will appear. Enter the following information:
    1. User Name – (be sure to choose the user name you really like because the user name cannot be changed)
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Enter your password and confirm
    4. Click on Register

About us. The page presents the working personalities behind Tinig Pinoy Radio, headed by founder Dan de Castro together with the core team, the gorgeous DJs and TPR Facebook Group Admins.

News. This is heart of the TPR website. It defines the character of Tinig Pinoy Radio – “we’re all here, greeting and communicating with each other, in our home, and we’re all just having fun”.

It was created for Katinigs to upload their events and team activities to the site together with pictures and/or written articles you wish to share with other.  The great thing about it is that it stays longer than a FB post. As the months progress, the articles will be minimized in the month sections but still viewable and downloadable. Go ahead, mga Katinig, para sa ating lahat ito.

How to Post an Event

  1. If you are already a registered member, just log in.  Otherwise, you have to sign-up.
  2. Then click the upper right corner “Hi, (your name)”
  3. A dropdown list will appear, click on “New Post”
  4. You will be brought to a posting page
  5. You can upload an image
  6. Enter the Title of your post
  7. Select the Category – Katinig News or Katinig Photos
  8. Enter your text (under Post Comment)
  9. Submit
  10. This will be reviewed and held pending for approval and posted thereafter

Of course, the working team will also post news, events, activities and videos that are of interest to the Katinigs.

Shows. If you’re quite new to Tinig Pinoy Radio, you can view the shows, schedules and the DJs manning these programs. To know more about each show, just click on the show’s image and the show details will appear. And you can “like” it (top right), and you can leave your comments (bottom). Your comment will appear in the DJs facebook wall. Again, cool huh!

If you want to know more about the live show’s host, just click on the View Profile button below the name, and it will take you to the DJs Profile.

DJs. Here you can view a short description of the DJ and his/her shows and links to the show details. You can also find the DJs TPR email address here, so you can communicate via email.

Back to homepage. Sit back, relax, listen and grin like crazy. So cool!

Tinig Pinoy Radio. Onward, ever-forward.


About Rico

Jose Rico Rizaldy Luga Rico was an active Katinig at Tinig Pinoy Radio before becoming a DJ in December 2013. In TPR, he has found realization in his love for music, aspirations towards being a DJ... read more

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