MYT Hour (Musikahan, Yugyugan, Tawanan)

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M.Y.T. Hour (Musikahan, Yugyugan at Tawanan)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9 PM - 12:00 AM (Manila Time)

M.Y.T. stands for Musikahan, Yugyugan at Tawanan, caters a variety of programs for Pinoys around the World. 

MUSIKAHAN- It plays wonderful and inspiring OPM songs requested by listeners from all walks of life particularly Filipino Overseas Workers. The song requested describes real life situations about love, hardships and other challenges while abroad.

YUGYUGAN- It gives more energetic movements as it plays OPM disco remix popularized by Pinoy DJs.

TAWANAN- It invites more katinig to post their Pinoy jokes or encourages others to guess who are being described positively in the program. It also generates a game-like show, where katinig are requested to like certain jokes and the more likes being posted on certain jokes gets the chance to win a reward.



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