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Burles King Daw O.... - VIVA VIDEO
Movie New Releases

At the Halimuyak Theater you can be assured of superb entartainment. All of the performers down to the support staff had carmaraderie. The only problem is: the theater is about to close because the owner has incurred a lot of debts. Because of this, the performers have decided to sponsor a "Curtain Performance", a farewell performance that will hopefully save the theater. But when the show has started, the performers got too drunk to perform their last dance. So Troy (Andrew E) and Abraham (Long Mejia), decide to take center stage and perform the audience! Can Troy and Abraham keep the theater from holding up?
VIVA-MCD225 $11.99



Weyt A Minit Kapeng Mainit - VIVA VIDEO
Movie New Releases

Dick and Ado are waiters in a popular Italian restaurant where two warring syndicates are holding talks for a possible compromise. But when one syndicate attacks the other, only the two waiters manage to survive the massacre. Fearing for their lives, they disguise themselves as ladies and end up in a training institution for Japayukis, where they meet Joy and Cristy. Soon, they fall in love with the ladies and decide to go back to being men to express their love which requited by the two ladies. But Joy receives a tempting proposal of marriage from Kabayushi, a Japanese with a $1 Million pot on his head. Will Joy choose money over love?
VIVA-MCD207 $11.99





Baliktaran (Si Ace At Si Daisy) - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movies

After Charlie and Robert's initial meeting, it was expected that they will end up as the best of friends. They treated each other as brothers but later on, they recognized that the only way for them to be a real family was for their children to get married. And so they arranged for Johhny (Bayani Agbayani) and Jenny (Rufa Mae Quinto) to be married. Everything seems well, except for the reality of Johhny being of being gay and Jenny being a lesbian! A hilarious comedy about a couple swit-ching roles to make their marriage work.
VIVA-MCD157 $11.99




Pinagbiyak Na Bunga - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movies

The resemblance between Urot (Andrew E0 and Berto (Chiquito) is undeniable that people cannot help but think that they are related to each other. And out of their need to survive they would get into desperate acts like donating blood. But one day, lady luck seem to have smiled at Urot when he bumped into Dorie (Nida Blanca), an affluent business woman with a generous heart. she gave him work as a janitor in her office. And just when they were in search of an image model, Urot just seemed to be "it". Little did they know that the career opportunity would open a lot of doors for him, including discovering his true identity as well as his roots.
VIVA-MCD150 $11.99




Jack En Jill - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movies

In 1935, noted Komiks writer, Mars Ravelo came up with his most popular novel, Jack En Jill. The tale of the strange brother and sister (the funny sides of the woman with manly characteristics and the lovable young man who prefers being a girl) so captured the imagination of the public that it has remained a great favorite up to the present. Viva Films now presents "Jack En Jill," with Sharon Cuneta and Herbert Bautista facing the greatest challenge in their career in their roles as Jack and Jill respectively. Award-winning director, Leroy Salvador directs.

VIVA-MCD172 $11.99





Tusong Twosome (The Movie) 
Janno Gibbs/ Victoria London/ Andrew E./ J

When a 'promdi' and swindler's path accidentally cross one day, the chemistry was undeniable. Unknown to them, that initial meeting was just the beginning of a lot of adventures together - like looking for work, struggling to survive and even liking the same girls! A hilarious comedy featuring today's hottest comediennes Janno Gibbs and Andrew E.

VCD-VIVA-MCD136 $11.99



Mana Mana, Tiba Tiba
Andrew E. / Bayani Agbayani / Onyok Velasco / Leo Martinez / Tracy Vergel / Rufa Mae Quinto

Don Segundo (Leo Martinez) is a greedy man. So, to make up for all his shortcomings, he bequeaths his wealth to the first two people who will sign on the guest book during his wake. As expected, no one attends the dead man's wake except for his greedy nephew (Onyok Velasco) and his even greedier wife. Unexpectedly, Wilson (Andrew E.) and Uging (Bayani Agbayani) show up and are first to sign on the official guest book. But the two bumbling strangers are not about to get their millions without breaking a bone. Wilson and Uging must carry out the three conditions made by Don Segundo. Otherwise, the chance to inherit the millions will go the the third and fourth persons who've signed on the guest book....

Director : Al Tantay
2 Video Compact Disc 
Running Time: 116 minutes 11 seconds

VIVA-MCD2 $11.99



Asin At Paminta
Eddie Garcia / Blakdyak / Rufa Mae Quinto / Patricia Javier

They are the unlikeliest of tandems; two men whose only similarity is their gender. One of them is Roman (Eddie Garcia), a modest bounty hunter show deftness is unparalleled. The other is Blakdyak (Blakdyak), a younger bounty hunter whose mouth is as big as his appetite for money. Their paths cross when both are tasked to find Dannie (Rufa Mae Quinto), the witness in the murder of a deep penetration agent and the key to the arrest of a druglord. Friction arises early on, but both men soon realize that for them to accomplish their mission, they have to settle their differences first... 

Director : Jun Aristorenas
2 Video Compact Disc
Running Time : 96 minutes 28 seconds

VIVA-MCD8 $11.99



Juan & Ted 'Wanted'
Janno Gibbs / Bayani Agbayani 

Fugitives Juan (Janno Gibbs) and Ted (Bayani Agbayani) have tried to mend their ways after they bolted jail to escape execution from the hands of Hepe and Langku. They have transformed themselves into productive citizens by working as bus driver and bus conductor. In fact, Ted, as an incentive was allowed to continue his education while Juancho works double time to aid him with his other needs in school. They have also developed a special bond with the bus raiders whom, they later figured, has problems of their own. So one day, they all go out of town to ease their worries. But the parents of the children start to panic and call the attention of the school administrators. And just when they are least expected, Hepe and Langku show up to reveal the true identities of Juan and Ted.

Director : Al Tantay
Format :
2 Video Compact Disc, 
Running Time : 118 minutes 41 seconds 

VIVA-MCD88 $11.99



Pusong Mamon
Lorna Tolentino / Gary Estrada / Eric Quizon

Is three always a crowd?  What if one daring woman afraid of being left behind by Mother Time sets out to seduce one handsome guy who, without her knowledge, is hiding an explosive secret in his closet? What if she succeeds and she ends up being kncked up by him? And what if she moves in with him and sicovers that he is gay and that he has a live-in partner who also happends to be gay?  Can the three of them live in peace and harmony under one roof?  Or will they be forever trapped inside the notion that three is always–as in always a crowd?  A funny, heart-warming story about three extraordinary people and their equally extraordinary relationship

Director : Joel Lamangan/ Enrico Quizon
Format : 2 Compact Disc
Running Time : 145 minutes 13 seconds

VIVA-MCD40 $11.99


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