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Sukdulan - VIVA FILMS
OPM Movie

Elaine (Katya Santos) and Orly (Raymond Bagatsing) are a young couple whose marriage is in shambles because of a dysfunctional sex life. He works as a delivery van driver during the day while she works as a tollbooth clerk at night... each one barely having time for ther other. But while Orly finds solace in the routine. Elaine feels trapped until she meets Miguel (Carlo Maceda), a young playboy, who introduces her to an exciting and exhilarating world that liberates her from an otherwise boring existence. With each sexual encounter, Elaine becomes more daring, mathing Miguel's appetite for life and sex. What starts out as a game of pleasure turns out to be an experience tht will change their lives forever.

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VCD-VIVA-MCD288 $11.99



Hot Babes - VIVA FILMS
OPM Movie

Discover an erotic fantasy with eight raunchy, tempting and seductive women as VIVA Entertainment opens the door to a private show of the country’s most alluring charmers. Behold scenes too steamy for movies, too wild for television and too hot for mass consumption
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OPM Movie

Love, Desire and deciet whirl up unlikely configuration between Dodong, Lolita and Omar when the three of them, inexplicably drawn together by their own illusions of need and longing for each other, end up consumed by the fires they themselves have kindled in the flesh. As the possibilities of the sensual overwhelm them, so do the fatal reprecussions creep up to lead them down. Where the heat of the climax blurs the lines between pleasure and the forbidden.
DVD-REGAL-DVD16 $14.99

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Ang Galing Galing Mo Babes - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movie

Babes has established a good reputation as an entertainer in Japan, that clients fights over her. But soon, the fighting becomes intense, she decided to come home-- but with a different identity.

On her native land, Babes decides to continue her career as an entertainer and as expected, customers never seems to get enough of her. Later, she encounters Tol, a pervert who uses her to pay off his debts. Despite this, Babes is crazy over Tol and she agrees to the set-up. For a while, Babes could not get out of the situation-- until one faithful night...

VCD-VIVA-MCD246 $11.99



Gamitan - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movie

Cathy thought she was having the time of her life when Nick, the school's hearthrob suddenly noticed her and started to give her special attention. She was after all, a very shy person who is as ordinary as the rest. Little did she know that she was the object of a bet between Nich and his friends. Later on, she learns of bet and vows to get even at all cost.
VCD-VIVA-MCD245 $11.99




Azucena - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movies

A story about an unlikely friendship between a man who butchers dogs for a living and an adolescent dog lever. Teban (Dante Rivero) has been butchering dogs for a living for as long as he can remember. Living in the slums has made him aphathetic about the community. He meets Lily who considers her dog as her best friend. After having the chance to get to know her and her family, Teban begins to understand Lily's behavior. Their closeness leaves Tomas (Ricky Davao) jealous and makes him all the more disappointed. Tomas then proceeds to batter his wife Sonia (Glydel Mercado) and sexually abuse Lily. This leads to a violent confrontation between Tomas and Teban and eventually an unexpected conclusion....
VCD-VIVA-MCD82 $11.99



Scorpio Nights - REGAL VIDEO
OPM Movies

Bold, prolonged sex scenes transcends the boundary between art and erotica in Philippine cinema. This highly controversial film shows that director Peque Gallaga could make the silver screen sizzle with steamy sex. The film features a young handsome male voyuer (Daniel Fernando), who has an obsessive lust for the wife (Ana Marie Gutierrez) of a security guard. The unsuspecting couple's room is directly beneath Daniel's tiny apartment. He looks on an the husband disrobes to make love with willing and passionate wife. One evening when the husband leaves home for work, the obsessed young Danny seduces and then make love with the guard's wife. She does not resist. In several scenes, the film graphically illustrates the superficiality of sexual conquests without love. 





Red Diaries - REGAL VIDEO
OPM Movies

Red Diaries tells the story of three different women, all of them played by Assunta Da Rossi. One is a kept woman whose love affairs with many men end up in a bizarre triangle of illicit romances.

The other one's a homecoming maiden who crosses paths with a naive teenaged seminarian whose recurrent wet dreams have her as central object.

Then there's the battered wife who ultimaely learns to regain her self-esteem and hatches a scheme against her violent husband. 

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OPM Movies
Vanessa (Assunta De Rossi) is a young woman whose dire domestic circumstances with her autistic teenaged sister, Nika (Alessandra De Rossi), begin to get more desperate when she gets laid off from a casual department store attendant job.
Caught up as well in a tempestuous relationship with Oliver (Wendell Ramos), her reckless cab driver boyfriend who moonlights as a petty crook, her fortunes take on further bad turns as the guy lands in jail for a botched cab hold-up attempt on a plainclothes cop.
Luck eventually runs out on Vanessa when the hovel she shares with Nika gets its roof blown off by a storm that renders them homeless. Enter Uno (Jay Manalo), a ruthless henchman neighbor working for a union-busting boss, and who welcomes Vanessa and Nika to his home. In her willingness to repay Uno's "kindness", she later yields to his advances to become his convenient plaything and laundrywoman.
When Oliver pops up on the scene anew quite unexpectedly, after surviving a failed salvage attempt on him by crooked cops, and renew ties with Vanessa, the romance picks up where it left off. Much to the chagrin of Uno. There begins a perilous triangle of sex on the sly, deceit and betrayal that pretty soon configure a vertiginous whirl of grim consequences. The portents of doom get laid. Circling pirouttes round a deadly matrix of extreme agony and ecstasy. 
REGAL-23812 $11.99




OPM Movies

An adaptation of the popular play of Nick Joaquin, Tatarin tackles the celebration of a sacred feast that liberates. Lupe (Dina Bonnevie), epitomizes a perfect wife - submissive, caring and devoted to her husband Paeng (Edu Manzano). But she later realizes that somethins is missing in her life. So for the first time in their marriage she rebels against her husband by attending the final rights of Tatarin with Amanda (Rica Peralejo). And there, she seems to lose control of her emotions -- expressing herself through wild dancing. When Paeng saw Lupe, he tried to stop her but she prevailed. Soon, Paeng realizes that he haslong been taking his wife for granted. Is it to late for Paeng?
VCD-VIVA-MCD216 $11.99


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