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Kilabot at Kembot - VIVA VIDEO
Movie New Releases

Leon (Bong Revilla) is an NBI secret agent known as "Kilabot". In one NBI operation, he witnessed the murder of this long-time partner "Kamandag", He tried to obtain justice for his comrade but failed because the culprit was able to escape. Leon, after sometime, decided to retire from being a secret agent and concentrate on his career as a tatoo artist. One day, he meets a gorgeous lady named Sienna (Assunta de Rossi), a college coed and immediately falls in love with her. Little did he know that Sienna is a stripteaser and she is actually the personal private dancer of Chino Guevarra, the head of a big time syndicate responsible for the series of kidnappings in the city who happens to be same person for "Kamandag's" murder.
VCD-VIVA-MCD238 $11.99







A member of a kidnap-for-ransom gang, Gene (Albert Martinez) is a reluctant criminal. A hoodlum with a big heart, he treats his victims with kindness. Gene gets into a passionate affair with Dolor (Sunshine Cruz), a former bar girl who is now the kept woman of a rich man who beats her. Both Gene and Dolor plan to escape: he from the syndicate, and she from her cruel lover. Their chance comes when the syndicate's operation is busted by the police. Pursued by cops, Gene flees with Dolor, who has unintentionally killed her lover. But every crime has its corresponding punishment, and soon, Gene is fatally wounded in a gunfight...




VCD-VIVA-MCD10 $11.99






Rex (Jomari Yllana) and Rica (Joyce Jimenez) are G.I. babies born to American fathers they never knew. Raised by a rich, gay adoptive father, Rex grew up feeling worthless and alone. Rica was brought up by an arrogant aunt who always makes her feel like she is a good-for-nothing bitch. One day, his foster father is killed, and Rex is accused of the crime. Rica, on the other hand, fless from her cruel aunt. Their paths cross as they both try to escape their predicaments. Crime and passion draw them to each other, and the thriss of it all drives them to yearn for more. But truth has its way of signifying itself: the day comes when they both learn that they have the same father...

DVD-VIVA-DVD1 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD14 $11.99



Syota Ng Bayan - REGAL VIDEO
OPM Movies

Tanya, a sex symbol on the wane makes a homecoming and gets herself neck-deep into the election fever as she wreaks havoc on the hometown political scene.

Specially as her outrageousl staged campaign drives the incumbent Mayor Golano's campaign up against the wall.

Even more so as romance begins to bloom between Tanya and Golano's successor-son, Lee. Dirty tricks get into the picture after that, but never one to relent, Tanya pulls a surprise of her own. That which changes the complexion of the small town mayoralty race all over again. 




OPM Movies

Rufa Mae stars in this comedy as Booba as she endeavors in the metropolis to fulfill her promise to her dying mother that she will find her jealous and insecure sister who run away from home. When she gets to the city, she experiences the harsh realities of life. Booba had to work to support herself, not as some dancer or TV host, but as a nanny. And one day, she meets her knight in shining armor in Poli, a policeman who accidentally saves her life. Her search leads her to a syndicate involved in various illegal activities whose leader turns out to her long last sister!

VCD-VIVA-MCD94 $11.99



Wet, Wild & Kinky - VIVA Films
OPM Movies


She is sexy and oh-so kinky... Katya Santos is clearly a lday who will lead you into temptation. Let the temptress Hot Babe striptease her way into your hearts, minds and... pants. Watch as Katya tantalizes you with her slow grinds and heart-stomping action in 12 retro-inspired scenes that will leave you breathless.

1.) Aquario
2.) Bootie Shaker
3.) Rain Dance
4.) Glamour Girl
5.) Velvet Underground
6.) Bang Sugar Bang
7.) Psychedelia
8.) Skin Flick
9.) Nasty in Pink
10.) La Discoteque
11.) Daugther of The Flame
12.) Verne

13.) Fancy Move

Get ready for the ultimate shag of your life.
DVD-VIVA-DVD356 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD356 $11.99


Ang Huling Birhen Sa Lupa - VIVA Films
OPM Movies


A fake priest and prostitute connive to stage a hoax to pocket money from the church donations... unaware that a real miracle will come their way that will drastically change their lives.
When Martin (Jay Manalo), an ex-convict, assumes the identity of Father Eman, the people from the town accepted him. But then he falls for Lorena (Ara Mina), the town prostitute and reveals his true identity to her. Together they plan a scheme to earn the people's faith and "sell" their 'miracles'. But Lorena's mentally disturbed sister Cion (Maui Taylor) witnesses an apparition of the Blessed Virgin, a real miracle that will challenge their faith and transform their lives forever.

- Best Picture
- Best Actress
- Best Actor
- Best Performing Actress
- Best Director
- Best Story
- Best Screenplay
- Best Production Design
- Best Sound Engineering
- Best Film Editing
DVD-VIVA-DVD344 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD344 $11.99


Maui Taylor: Sex Goddes - VIVA Films
OPM Movies


Maui Taylor... the ultimate Hot Babe wants to get intimate with you. Let the woman-child set your passions ablaze in ten sweltering scenes. Watch Maui Taylor turn herself into enchanting goddesses mere mortals cannot refuse.

1.) Izanami No Mikoto - The Goddess of Creation
2.) Can Nu - The Lady Silkworm
3.) Hera - The Virgin Goddess
4.) Artemis - Goddess of Animals
5.) Harpies - Goddess of Wings
6.) Oceana - Goddess of the Ocean
7.) Gala - Greek Goddess of Mother Earth 8.) Athena - The Warrior Goddess
9.) Medussa - The Serpent Goddess
10.) Venus - Goddess olf Love and Beauty

BONUS TRACK: 11.) Aphrodite - Goddess of Waters
12.) Adore the sex goddess...worship Maui Taylor!
DVD-VIVA-DVD343 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD343 $11.99



Sex Drive - VIVA Films
OPM Movies


Maui and Katya dare you to take the road trip of your life. Maui Taylor is Shiela, a sweet and innocent teenage model who manages to remain a virgin because of her fear of sexual penetration. Katya Santos is Mel, a fashion photographer with an unbridle appetite for sex. When these two meet, Shiela tells Mel about her recent break up. Mel then decides that they should follow they guy up north to Sagada in her yellow Wrangler jeep. Along the way, the fall into all sorts of misadventures involving a handsome stranger and a mysterious killer. Fasten your seatbelt... Sex Drive is one wild ride you shouldn't miss.


DVD-VIVA-DVD308 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD308 $11.99



Patricia Javier: Bare Naked - VIVA Films
OPM Movies


PLAY IT, WORK IT, GIVE IT... Patricia DOES it!
Patricia is erotic. She is the mistress of the art of sex and seduction. Watch the ultimate sex goddess transform herself as she fulfills fourteen of men's hottest fantasies. Let her bring you to the climax of sensuality. See the wild, wilder and wildest side of Patricia in a revelation meant only for private viewing and appreciation.

1.) The Art of Undressing
2.) Shower Song
3.) Living Artwork
4.) Girl On Girl Billiards
5.) Tractor Scene
6.) Kama Sutra
7. Sunbathing
8.) Massage 1
9.) Threesome (Massage 2)
10. Fashion Editorial
11. Poolside
12. Glow in the Dark
13. Voyeurism
14. Naked Beach


DVD-VIVA-DVD307 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD307 $11.99


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