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Operation Balikatan  - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movies
You cannot love two tihngs at the same time. Sooner or later, you have to choose between the two, and when that time comes, you will realize that the price you have to pay is too high.

Rodrigo is an ideal husband and a loving father. But his lofe of country surpasses his love for his family. So when he is called for a mission, "Operation Balikatan", aims to save the Americans held hostage by a terrorist group and to stop terrorism in the country. While on the assignment, Rodrigo's family is killed by the people who harbor grudges against him. The news of his family's unfortunate demise disillusions Rodrigo and the only to move on is to dedicate his entire life to the mission.


VCD-VIVA-MCD358 $11.99



Bertud Ng Putik  - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movies

The sin of the past is the tragedy of the present.

The year is 1953 and Gabriel de Dios, a man who lives a simple and happy life with his family, possesses the good half of a powerful amulet while Damian Buenavista, a black-hearted scoundrel, who intends to rule the world own the bad half. But Damian's plan to take control of the world will not be successful without the other half from Gabriel. Damian's plans, however, turn futile when Gabriel's bertud, as the amulet is called, saves Gabriel and brings him to the year 2003. Gabriel thinks he is already safe from the greedy Damian... until he realizes the battle has just began.


DVD-VIVA-DVD357 $14.99


VCD-VIVA-MCD357 $11.99



Masamang Ugat - VIVA Films
OPM Movies


Two brothers are separated after their mother dies. One becomes a cop ( Mikey Arroyo), the other as assassin ( Ace Vergel ). The cop ambitiously want to bring down a drug lord supported by politicans, while the assassin works for the same drug lord. A cult leader (Eddie Garcia ) who turns out to be their estranged father is supporting the drug lord. Both brothers are out to bring down the cult leader -- one to save lives and solve crime, the other to avenge the death of their mother.

DVD-VIVA-DVD352 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD352 $11.99



OPM Movie

The King of Philippine Movies FERNANDO POE JR. teams up with World Billiards Champ EFREN “BATA” REYES for an exciting big city adventure against all sorts of villains, toughies and pool hall brats. Their nine-ball wizardry then takes them to a high-stakes duel against international pool players financed by an underworld kingpin. The kind who doesn’t play fair on and off the pool hall. Leaving the duo with no recourse but to let their cuesticks talk the talk and walk the walk.
DVD-REGAL-DVD52 $14.99

SALE $12.99



Agimat: Anting-anting ni Lolo - VIVA Films
OPM Movies

Pao (Jolo Revilla) is a young schoolboy who inherits an amulet from his grandfather. But before he can use its powers, he must first past three formidable test to prove his streghth and determination. After passing the two tests, Pao comes face to face with Paolo (Bong Revilla) - his grown-up alter ego -- and battles him in a most difficult duel. Although bruised and weak, Pao still manages to pass the last test.

With the powers of the amulet now on his side and with the help of his older self, Pao must fight the evil creatures led by Queen Manananggal (Mylene Dizon), Evil Queen (Nancy Castiglione) and Ancient Evil (Carlos Morales). Together Pao and Paolo must ruin these evil beings' plans of destroying mankind.

DVD-VIVA-DVD306 $14.99

SALE $12.99
VCD-VIVA-MCD306 $7.79



Ang Alamat Ng Lawin - REGAL FILMS
OPM Movie

A gang of three boys and girls come in for an unexpected sojourn to a strange neverland, zapped by some mysterious force where they come face to face with an adventure of a lifetime. Stumbling upon magical powers they soon after cross paths with the legendary warrior, Lawin. The strange neverland's last hope of survival against the evil armies of Draka. As the netherwordly configuration of violence and destruction dawn upon them, it likewise becomes clear. The only choice they have is for them kids to hook up with Lawin for the final battle for neverland.
SALE $12.99



Dito Sa Pitong Gatang - VIVA Films
DVD Movies

Pitong Gatang is a village in Tondo with Berting Cayabyab (Fernando Poe Jr) as their chairman. He is an effective leader and the people love and respect him. He leads a crusade against gambling and he sees to it that every gambling place in his vicinity is closed down.

But he holds a dark secret no one, not even his daughter, Jessica (Harlene Bautista) knows about. And when two police officers arrive in the city to look for a certain Del Valle, he knows his secret will soon be revealed.

DVD-VIVA-DVD285 $14.99

VCD-VIVA-MCD285 $11.99




Sa Diyos Lang Ako Susuko - REGAL FILMS
OPM Movie

Romano felt guilty after learning about his father's death knowing that his father is against his dream of being in military. He decided to quite his job and go back to his hometown to finally bid to his deceased father's wish. But when he learned the truth about his father's demise, and the killing of his siblings because of politics, he decided to take vengeance for them.


VCD-REGAL-VCD44 $11.99




Balweg, The Rebel Priest - VIVA VIDEO
OPM Movies

He will flight for freedom with such ardor. When the government wanted to take that freedom away from him, he took to the hills and joined the NPA. When conflicting ideologies burst into irrepressible discord, he severed his pact with the latter. Then he sat down with him government. His agenda: autonomy for the Cordillera for lasting peace.

BALWEG is a poignant and searing study of a man who has fired the imagination of the world media. For his noble cause. His struggle for freedom. Seamless. Brilliant. Poignant.
VCD-VIVA-MCD142 $11.99




Bro... Kahit Saan Enkuwentro - VIVA VIDEO
Movie New Releases

At the camp, Delfin Mijares, salutes to Delfin Mijares Jr. as a sign of respect for his rank but at home, Dell salutes to his father as a sign of respect to the patriarch. As as assignment, Dell is sent as a secret agent to apprehend Simon Ovarte, the leader of an influential syndicate. Together, the father and son work up a scheme to ensure their mission's accomplishment.

VCD-VIVA-MCD230 $11.99


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