About Us

Dan De Castro

Dan is father to five beautiful children, two of them still very young at 13 and 11, he is currently an IT Analyst for a multinational high-tech company. A liberal at heart but has conservative views. He strongly believes in volunteerism and community service as great missions to undertake. He believes that we are who we are because of those around us. 

Regina Sosing

Regina is passionate on causes dear to her heart. A team player with a caring personality, she comes from a family that has always been involved in community affairs and politics. She has dedicated much of her life to creating and sustaining community". (CBC Radio All-In-A-Day Houseguest)



Pepito "Topits" Manalo

He is amusing and witty - never a dull moment. He makes funny quips off the top of his head; what a cool guy! It's just refreshing to hang out with him. He's a guy with a readily hand and a fellow you can depend on! A loyal friend, a loving father of Jullian and a debonair husband to Hilda... that is Topits Manalo!