Happy Birthday kuya Dan De Castro from Pinoy katamberkz International Chacharap team

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Kuya Dan de Castro this is a special day for you not only for your birthday But also it marks the great journey that you’ve accomplish until now.You have inspired many people especially  the Katinig …

Here  is  the  CHACHARAP  ADMINS  greetings..

Bossing GIO  ALANO : 

        You are such a special friend,DJ and Founder of Tinig Pinoy Radio who deserves a special day… For being who you are and bringing us joy in different ways.You make us smile and happy with everything you do…. So today I get to send A special Birthday wish to you!


           Be happy! Today is the day you were sent to this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you! You are a wonderful person. May you be given more birthdays to fulfill all of your dreams. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR dj DAN DE CASTRO …


            May u have more bdays to come,may the Lord abound you always..thanks for being a wonderful person that touching others life…happy birthday again dj dan..

Admin Jaecel Jaevhe Espinosa :

             Wishing you a happy happy birthday and god gave you more strenght,good health and be happy always.. once again happy bday sir dan!!!!

Admin  LYN ROSE :

               Today could be the start of something special! Enjoy every second of your birthday! Then, carry that joy in your pocket like spare change so it will be there when you need it ! heheh  happy  happy  birthday kuya DAN DE CASTRO…

 Set aside all the regrets and pain you’ve receive, Good luck to your new chapter in life. Enjoy your birthday!

 …….ITS  PARTYYYYYY    TIMEEEE!!!!!!…………

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