Essay of Cristina U. Tapar

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Essay of Cristina U. Tapar


5 Years is a very long period for the people of Visayas esp. Tacloban which was the worst place hit by supertyphoon yolanda. It’s very hard for them to move forward. But we know that every family is trying their best for the speedy recovery. 5 years maybe for building up of the infractructure but first we all know how the system of our government in our country is not good.

As an individual & being members or Katinigs & a responsible member of our community and of our nation, we will continue to be part of our goal to bring about a world where every individual has respect & concern for each other. Show to the world our ability to unite & rise during trials.

I can help them through prayers for the sake of those suffer, lost their love ones, the survivors to hold on and be strong… and the effort to rebuild broken lives. I can also encourage them through sites (fb, twitter etc) to help one another towards replanting to change broken & damages trees for the next generation. And to remind them to be ready, prepare always, in all aspects for a calamity just to prevent more damages.
First the government should avoid corruption and safeguard the money from the donation of different countries. One of the Government’s special object is to assure the people, to resolve & speed-up the rehabilitation & rebuilding of communities momentarily brought down & affected by this calamity. There must be a re-construction program for typhoon victims. They must give double time to make bunkhouses. Give materials for every family so that they can start rebuilding their own houses.because we know some people don’t have themeans. Also government must be vigilant in safeguarding victims regardless of the political matters. if you’re in the administration or not, it’s not about politics it’s about humanity. Then offer them a livelihood programs.

And lastly, the government strengthening country relations for lasting peace & order as the result of our honorable & robust dealing & relations with our alliances & friends.

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