Cristina U. Tapar – February 2014 TPR Calendar Girl Finalist

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Candidate Cristina U. Tapar

MABUHAY!!! I’m very proud to represent SOLID AKLANON AKO TEAM! For TPR Calendar Girl FEB 2014 To our Founder DAN DE CASTRO, Dj’s, Admins, Co-Members, a pleasant evening to everyone.^.~ Well, I would like to introduce my humble self to you. I’m Miss Cristina U. Tapar, I’m 36 years of age, certified Single^.~, a native of Makato, Aklan; 5’2″ in height, & presently working here in HK as a DH. I’m the eldest daughter of 5 children. I can speak Aklanon, Tagalog, English. A College Grad. at PTC, Kalibo, Aklan, an Associate in ComScience.

I’m simple, friendly, caring, kind, loving & understanding. My ideal man is honest, loving, trustworthy, understanding & he will love me for what I am, and who I am. I really love to play Volleyball as my favorite hobbies, singing, dancing. I also enjoy different outdoor activities during my holidays, like attending & joining programs, activities both groups & associates, & meeting friends.

Anyway, to let you know why I joined this SEARCH for Calendar Girl February, because i want to develop my self-confidence, expose my beauty, show my talent and ability. A calendar is chart of year encompassing 12 diff. season & beautiful occasion. I should be the Calendar Girl solely, because I believe I have the Charm & Passion each Season & Occasion possesses. Especially, this month of Feb. the season of Love. I am feisty, I will add spirit & energy to the lives of people all year long. With that, being lively, energetic, aggressive, this are the characteristics I have to let my spirit help the TPR community with my personal traits. W/ much courage, w/ my Charm I could convince everyone to be a part of this Community Program by Sharing, Inviting & Adding. To let them know that there’s a wonderful & exciting Program in TPR Radio. I will not promise but I will try my best to be known to everyone and to be a good leader, to be more united, loving & caring. I love you all! THANK YOU! GOD BLESS! My Talent is Singing^_* VIVA KAY SR. SANTO NINO! VIVA TPR! VIVA SOLID AKLANON AQ TEAM! HALA BIRA!!! HALA BIRA!!!


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