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15 February 2014, 9pm to 12am RP Time


TOPIC: LEGAL ADVICE!! BAKIT MAY KABIT?!! Kung may kabit na babae, mayroong din KABIT na LALAKI!!

Mga Katinig, sasagutin po ang inyong mga legal related questions ng ating panelist. Both are lawyers. Atty. Concon Alfeche from Manila, and Atty. Chris Avelino from Toronto.

1. Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Kabit?

2. Kung matagal na kayong hiwalay ng kasal mo, at may kanya kanya na kayong pamilya, ibig bang sabihin na hindi ka na kabit?

3. Legal remedies to prevent being the other guy and being the other woman!

4. What are the causes why this situation/ scenario happen?

5. What are practices of other countries that avoids the scenario? Can these practice abroad be copied in the Philippines ?

6. Paano kung may mga anak kayo sa kasal na asawa? Paano ang child custody?

Kayo ba ay may mga legal questions? Magtanong mga Katinig!!



Atty. Con Alfeche, Court attorney at Court of appeals Philippines. NCR – National Capital Region, Philippines | Judiciary

Atty. Chris Avelino. LLP, Partner at Lagera and Avelino law offices; current regional director of Canadian Red Cross and Red Cross Care Partners in Province of Ontario for Service Delivery and Contracts Assurance

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