Moving Tribute!!

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Jhune Leonardo, Mic Lomocso, Ann Hipolito, Berniece & Marc Reyes and other Ottawa youth performers' touching rendition of "Heal the World"

The youthful performers touched and delighted the audience with their moving tribute to the victims of typhoon Haiyan. Here’s what some commented about the event and the performances. Check the pictures of the performers in action below.

“I got a little teary watching those young folks pour out their emotions in their performances.  By the time the Heal The World finale came around tears were spilling out of my eyes.”   – Julie Delaney, CBC Radio Producer

“It’s amazing to see people from various background come together and extend their help to support others in need. Love works wonders. Oh, and those young performers gave me the bumps with their talent.”  – name withheld

“These young performers are unbelievably good.” – Father Allard

“Those young kids with their coconut dance were really adorable.”- Abbey

“Wow, I can’t say enough how good the performers are. Ang gagaling nila.” – Regina
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