Hail TPR’s September 2014 Calendar Girl

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Whew, after yet another very competitive but fun-filled search for the monthly TPR Calendar Girl, out of the four awesome finalists, Miss September 2014 has been declared the official title holder.

Our Calendar Girl for the month of September 2014 is Ms. Janet Calupit a.k.a Rochelle.

Katinig Janet is a hard working lady who hails from Bicol (uragon man tabi.) She loves to eat but check her out and how she looks like – oohh aahh, sexy!!! She loves acting and she’s given katinig a glimpse of her acting prowess in a dramatic portrayal.  Not on television but on our very own Tinig Pinoy Radio where she played the role of SISA – Ang Babaeng Baliw! (i hope hindi matuluyan) hahaha!

Janet has a very sad but inspiring story of her childhood. The then eight-months-old Janet was left by her mom to her lola and her father. She does not know the reason for her mom’s actions but that didn’t deter her from having a positive outlook in life.  Kung sa pagmamahal, busog si Janet  sa kanyang lola, tita at tito na nagmamahal sa kanya. Nguni’t sa gitna nito, tulad ng maraming anak na mapagmahal, ano nga ba ang hinahanap natin? Ang pagmamahal ng tunay na magulang (NANAY). Until Janet grew up into a young lady wala siyang nakilalang nanay. But one night she realized that for her whole life she has not asked God about her mother. She bowed her head and heartfully prayed that one day ay makita at makilala niya ang kanyang tunay na ina. That wish became a reality thru Facebook kung saan ay nakita niya ang kanyang nanay pati na ang kapatid niya na matagal na din pala syang hinahanap (kakaiyak ano po).

Janet now works in Kuwait purposely for herself and for her future. Yup, she’s going to get married soon and who’s the lucky guy? hhhmmm tara at maglibot sa wall ng TPR para may thrill…hahaha. Janet  is friendly and relates well with others thats’ why dj Michelle Alfeche, the judge during the Calendar Girl live interview sa TPR, was impressed with her particularly of her intelligence and her talent (drama). She truly deserves the title of TPR’s Calendar Girl for the month of September, 2014.

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