DJ Joey up-close & personal with Mavic & Ghiemz in RP

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I had such a great experience earlier today meeting up with two of my hardcore radio listeners. Mavic, in stripes, works in Singapore and Ghiemz, Dubai. I got to hear about their lives, and the general struggles of those like them, and the necessary strength to withstand challenges. I now have even more respect for Filipinos who leave their loved ones behind just to provide much-needed financial support, but in turn leaving themselves vulnerable to harsh working conditions, unbearable bouts of loneliness, of isolation, yearning to be with the very same people they are doing all the sacrifice for. To my Filipino friends, especially those who have relatives who are OFW’s – please let them know about THEIR internet radio station and to check out my weekly show dedicated to them – (click me!). Many of my listeners use their cell phones to tune in, apparently. I don’t have this app but it’s supposedly easy to get? Happy listening, Katinig!

NOTE FROM EDITOR: actually, anyone with a smart phone can listen to TPR anytime, anywhere by just clicking on this link:

However, the app some katinig use to listen to Tinig Pinoy Radio is TuneIn. Here is a link to that app:



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